What Computer Jobs Will Rule in the Future?

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The IT industry is one of the largest areas, and professionals can explore many opportunities. IT is one of the top cities to consider if you are starting or want to change your current career path. It is essential to pay attention to some of the most highly sought-after jobs when you are ready to explore opportunities in this industry. It would help if you also considered the promotion prospects in the chosen career path. In this article, we will highlight some of the best computer jobs expected to experience massive growth in the country, high demand and higher salaries above the country ‘s standard average, and opportunities for promotion. Let us introduce them in detail.

Database Administrator

The need to store, analyze, organize, and protect data increases the demand for skilled and certified database administrators. Since a large amount of digital information should be processed, these experts have many opportunities. Also, the increased connection between the database and the Internet and the cloud will increase the complexity and vitality of data security and will require the skills and expertise of database developers and administrators to protect company data from cyber threats and hackers.

Mobile Application Developer

It is expected that by 2018, by 2028, 241,500 new jobs that require professional development skills will be added. Since smartphones and tablets have been changing the way people communicate, access entertainment and news, and conduct business, this is not surprising. There is no doubt that there is a huge demand for stylish and innovative mobile applications worldwide. Currently, this situation has led to increased demand for mobile application developers. If you plan to acquire skills in this area, you may want to gain knowledge of using Android and Apple IOS, because these are the most popular skills in the field of mobile application development. The average annual salary of a mobile application developer is about $ 109,000.

Video Game Designer

The value of the game industry is over $ 400 billion, which is good news for potential professional video game designers. In addition to the large and growing game console and PC gaming market, the popularity of mobile devices, graphics capabilities, and processing power are also continually improving. It opens up a whole new dimension to the game world and provides more opportunities for programmers, artists, and video game designers. Professional game designers with mobile development skills and expertise are highly sought after, as smartphones and tablets will continue to redefine user interaction with video games. By 2028, there will be more than 241,500 new vacancies for video designers. As a video game designer, you can expect to earn an average of $ 80,000 per year.

Software Engineer

As technology advances and the variety of software increases, the demand for software engineers will increase. For example, the rapid adoption of cloud technology is a powerful driver of this demand. These are professionals with the skills and capabilities to build scalable and secure cloud programs. It is estimated that there will be approximately 284,100 new software engineering positions by 2028. The explosive growth of computer systems and the expansion of software to smart devices and emerging industries will require the development of computer systems that can power various programs and technologies. It is estimated that the average annual salary of a software engineer is about $ 106,000.

Computer Systems Analyst

As the dependence on technology increases, computer system analysts will have more opportunities. These professionals will be needed to build new systems. The healthcare industry is one of the core industries that requires the skills and expertise of system analysts. Government authorization and Funding Programs design to promote the adoption of EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and other health-centric software projects and electronic prescription services. That requires customized computer systems continue to increase, and computer system analyst skills will continue to be in high demand.

Web Developer

Commercial enterprises are moving from the physical field to online platforms to provide their products and services. As the number of online businesses increases, web designer and web developer skills will grow. Besides, as organizations explore new ways to enhance competitive advantage and attract a new generation of customers, the widespread use of social networks will also increase the demand for web developer skills. Top skills that are badly needed include responsive web design, user interface, and user experience. The average annual salary of a web developer is $ 73,000, and it is expected to provide about 20,900 new jobs by 2028.

IT Security Specialist

As the complexity and frequency of cyberattacks continue to increase, security will continue to be the main focus of hiring managers. Every year, organizations look for qualified professionals with information security skills and expertise. Unfortunately, these positions are challenging to fill because there are not many certified experts there. It means that individuals who will face challenges to improve their skills and obtain information security certifications have great potential. Positions that highly require computer security skills include mobile device security, IT operational security, information assurance, networking, risk management, and cloud and virtualization security. As an IT security expert, you can expect to earn an average of $ 118,000 per year.

Network Administrator

The demand for network administrators will increase. As companies invest in the latest network technologies and computer systems to increase productivity and gain a competitive advantage, these experts will have substantial new career development opportunities. Besides, the rapid adoption of cloud computing and mobile devices in corporate culture means that more organizations will use the Internet to conduct online platforms. It will ultimately create opportunities for network administrators and network administrators.


As you can see, you can choose many job positions in the IT industry. Most of them are in high demand now and will continue to do so in the future. It is why today it is better to obtain a certificate and become a certified expert, and every employer wants it to be part of the company’s employees.