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Project Management Academy’s free PMP exam practice questions would be based on relevance to the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge– Sixth Edition topics. Below you would be able to find out some of the 50 PMP exam questions to help the candidates prepare you for the PMP exam. Upon completion would require entering your information in the fields below to access the results and complete explanations.

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Here are some of the PMP Questions for Practice: Bottom of Form

PMP Questions and Answers #1
A manager and the head of engineering would be discussing a change to a significant work package. After the meeting, the manager would contact you and tell you apart from the complete the paperwork to make the change. This would be an example of:

A) Management attention to scope management.
B) Management planning.
C) A project expediter position.
D) A change control system.

The answer is C. In this situation, the project manager would be acting as the secretary of the project and have to perform the paperwork. So this would be an example of a project expediter position where the project manager doesn’t have any authority and power. The project manager does only paperwork.

PMP Questions and Answers #2
During a team meeting, a team member could be asked regarding the measurements utilized on the project to judge performance. The team member would feel that some of the measures related to him aren’t exact measurements. In what part of the Project Management Process, the project is considered to be the BEST?

A) Initiating
B) Executing
C) Monitoring & Controlling
D) Closing

The answer is B. Executing. Questions would be stating that the team member feels some of the measures on his activities aren’t considered to be valid. Therefore, he should be working during the project’s execution phase, where project deliverables would be produced and project members perform most of the work they should do.

PMP Questions and Answers #3
Your company just won a significant new project. It would be starting in three months as well as is valued at 2m USD. You would be considered to be the project manager for an existing project. What would be the FIRST thing you must do once you hear of the new project?

A) You should ask management how the new project will use resources
B) Resource level your project
C) Crash your project
D) You should ask management how the new project will affect your project

The answer is D. Ask management regarding the new project that would be affecting your project. Since this would be another project that your company would be going to execute, you must need to be sure whether it will impact your project.

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